Why Should I Send Real Estate Postcards? 

4/21/2023 by Justin

Why Should I Send Real Estate Postcards? 

Real estate postcards have been used for decades as a powerful marketing tool to connect with property owners, promote businesses, and generate leads. In today’s digital age, it may seem like direct mail marketing is a thing of the past, but real estate postcards are still an effective way to connect with motivated sellers. 

As a real estate investor, you want to utilize all the available tools to connect with motivated sellers. One of the most effective tools is real estate postcards and other forms of direct mail marketing. Used in conjunction with things like email and cold calling, direct mail marketing can be a powerful way to drum up interest in your business and disseminate your message.

But why, with so many other tools available, are real estate postcards still so effective? And why should a modern investor use them?


Real estate postcards are delivered directly to the property owner’s mailbox, making them hard to miss. Unlike emails or social media ads, postcards can’t be ignored or replicated. Plus, postcards don’t have to compete with other messages in an inbox or social media feed, increasing the likelihood that the intended recipient will see them.

Even if they wind up in the trash, real estate postcards will make some kind of impact on the recipient, even if they just saw your branding and headline! You can’t say the same about a digital ad.


Postcards allow you to target a specific audience. For example, you can choose to send postcards to a particular list of prospects in a specific neighborhood or zip code, which is helpful if you’re trying to generate leads in a specific area. This targeted marketing ensures that your message reaches the right people, increasing your chances of a response. 

The more targeted your sends are and the more personal your content is, the better your chance of seeing conversions from direct mail marketing alone.


Being able to hold on to something physical is crucial if you are trying to make an impression! Postcards are a tangible marketing tool that people can touch, turn over, and move from place to place. They can be put on the fridge or pinned to a bulletin board, keeping your message in mind. A postcard can also be shared with friends and family, which can help spread your message even further.

Just the physical presence of a real estate postcard is beneficial because it may linger on someone’s kitchen table or counter for weeks as a constant reminder of your business and proposition. You can’t get that kind of presence in an email inbox where every message looks identical.


You may think that something that requires printing and mailing will be expensive, but you are wrong. Postcards are an affordable marketing tool compared to other forms of advertising. Printing and mailing costs are low, especially compared to digital advertising costs. You could easily spend double on a digital ad seeing far fewer responses. Plus, postcards have a high response rate, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Postcards are especially effective when they are used for targeted campaigns. If you are trying to cast a wide net and let the world know about your business maybe a digital ad would be effective. But if you are trying to convert a specific list of prospects, you can’t do better than direct mail marketing supplemented by email and cold calling.


Real estate postcards can help build brand awareness. By consistently sending postcards to a targeted audience, you create a memorable impression that can increase brand recognition. This is especially important in real estate, where building a reputation and establishing trust is key. Everything from your tone to the colors on the postcards is important when establishing a brand. You want people to get to know you and what you do, so if they are looking for a buyer down the line, your business is at the top of their minds.


Postcards can be personalized to include the recipient’s name, property details, and a personalized message. This level of personalization can make the recipient feel valued and more likely to respond to your message. For example, Streetview Postcards include an image of the desired property from Google Streetview that will jump out and make the recipient interested in reading your message.

Incorporate Postcards Into Your Marketing Plan

Real estate postcards are a highly effective marketing tool in today’s digital age. Their high visibility, targeted marketing, tangible nature, and cost-effectiveness make them valuable addition to any real estate marketing program. By incorporating postcards into your marketing efforts, you can turn more prospects into leads and generate more deals!

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