About Our

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Company

The most effective direct mail marketing for real estate professionals on the market.

Hello! My name is Justin Silverio,

Founder of Open Letter Marketing.

I am a seasoned and successful real estate investor – and I’ve always used direct mail marketing campaigns to find my most profitable deals.

Direct mail has been a part of my real estate investing marketing strategy since the very beginning. It was the only way I could consistently find real estate deals even when my competition was struggling to find them. Over the years, I’ve refined my direct mail marketing strategy so I could obtain the highest possible conversion rates. Like you, I don’t want to waste money on lower performing products. I want the best!

This is what I’m offering through Open Letter Marketing – the direct mail products and services that I’ve used to create my marketing machine. I have tested and proven that my strategies are more effective than other options on the market. I welcome you to use the products that continue to provide my real estate investment company with consistent deals.

Our Core Values


We consistently develop new direct mail marketing strategies to provide better results for our business and real estate investment customers.


We are continuously growing, both personally and professionally.


We take ownership of our individual roles and the company as a whole.


We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism.

The most effective direct mail marketing for real estate professionals on the market.

Unique REI Direct Mailers

Our real estate investment direct mail marketing products really stand out! You can custom envelopes and use specialty stamps for a branded look.

Eye Catching Fonts

We’ve researched which formats and typefaces deliver the highest real estate direct mail marketing response rates.

Alternative real estate investment marketing solutions

We offer other direct to seller tactics designed to help you stand out. These services include Ringless Voicemail, IP Marketing and Batch Skip Tracing.