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Justin Silverio is a long-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, founder, and educator.

Justin has been investing in real estate for nearly 20 years. He founded one of the most widely used real estate marketing firms called OLM and has been teaching investors his process for more than a decade.

Now Justin is launching a new CRM platform called Invelo. This tool incorporates all his learning from the last 20 years and is designed to help investors learn and implement proven best practices.

27 Mins Jun 19, 2022

If you want to grow but you really have no idea how to scale your real estate investing business, you’re going to love this show. Most investors struggle with keeping track of their leads. So many times they just fall through the cracks. That won’t happen anymore because his new software, Invelo. It is so much more than just a CRM.

My guest today is Justin Silverio. In this show, you’re going to learn how to scale your real estate investing business using an innovative software called Invelo. (Did I mention there is a few version?) Justin is the owner of JS2 Homes, Open Letter Marketing, and Invelo. He has been investing in real estate since 2011 focusing on rehabbing, new construction, wholesaling, and multi-family condo conversions. Let’s dive in!

34 MinsJun 2, 2022

Finding Deals by Marketing Directly to the Seller with Justin Silverio

Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

We all know that it’s a competitive real estate market right now, and that there seems to be a lot more buyers than there are deals. One of the best ways to find opportunities is to market directly to the seller and bypass the brokers and other buyers altogether.

This is also one of the least understood strategies, and today we’re going to dig in a little deeper with my guest, Justin Silverio.

Justin is the owner of JS2 Homes, Open Letter Marketing, and Invelo. Through his companies, Justin provides thousands of real estate investors a more effective direct-to-seller marketing approach, and educates on best practices around pull lists, marketing campaigns, lead tracking and full analytics.

Today Justin is going to share the different methods of direct marketing, the response rate you can expect, the difference between marketing to residential or commercial sellers, and the processes and automations he’s created to increase his success rate.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Justin.

29 MinsApril 11, 2022

It’s incredible how profitability can give you so many options. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, and it also helps level up your business. Making more profit means having what it takes to navigate your real estate journey and achieve your personal goals.

We’re pulling in Justin Silverio as he deep-dives and spills out facts on how one can scale up their business and build a profitable company with the help of ridiculously awesome team players. He will also share snippets on how he’s been able to use his app, Invelo, to help improve people’s careers. And as well as dissect the benefits of using profitability to scale up and expand our business endeavors. What are you waiting for? Click that play button and kickstart your day by listening to this insightful episode!

31 MinsApril 9, 2022

Do you want to get better marketing insights to scale up your business? Dive in today as Justin Silverio shares powerful marketing strategies to get high-quality leads using a real estate platform. Don’t miss out to discover more!

Key Takeaways To Listen For:
Major challenges of transitioning to REI and how to deal with them
Tips and processes to create a unique direct mail campaign
Why direct mailing is an effective marketing strategy?
The ultimate software to manage a complete investment life cycle
How to teach children about finances
The No. 1 secret to real estate success

29 MinsFeb 25, 2022

How To Find Motivated Sellers with Justin Silverio

Dwellynn Show - Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

I was inspired at a young age to work in real estate development by watching my father build and renovate homes. However, it wasn’t until I had been working in the VC/PE industry for over 12 years that I actually got to put my passion to work. Throughout my winding journey, I have accumulated knowledge in architecture, financial analysis and construction. It is this combination that I believe has enabled JS2 Homes to maintain a successful track record. I also hold my MSA from Bentley University. In addition to my love of building homes, I enjoy sharing my real estate investing expertise with other investors through speaking engagements and guest appearances on national podcasts.

30 MinsFeb 10, 2022

Justin is the owner of JS2 Homes, Open Letter Marketing, and Invelo. He has had extensive experience in rehabbing, new construction, wholesaling, and multi-family condo conversions in and around the Boston area since he began real estate investing in 2011.

Justin founded Open Letter Marketing in 2016 with a focus on providing thousands of real estate investors throughout the country with a more effective direct-to-seller marketing. His newest venture, Invelo, is a next-generation software that spans an investors’ full sales and marketing cycle. Welcome to the show Justin!

36 MinsFeb 2, 2022

🤓 Main Learning Hire the right people 🚀
Tangible Tip – Pick one marketing strategy and commit to working on it for 90 days, starting today.

47 MinsJan 24, 2022

Justin Silverio joins Jay Conner today to talk about Open Letter Marketing with the main focus on providing thousands of real estate investors throughout the country with a more effective direct-to-seller marketing approach than other outdated methods.

32 MinsJan 13, 2022

How to Increase Your Direct Mail Results by 400% or More with Justin Silverio

Let's Talk Real Estate Investing with Sharon Vornholt

If you’re using direct mail in your business now, you’re going to love this show today. My guest is Justin Silverio from Open Letter Marketing. Today you’re going to learn how you can increase your direct mail results by 400% or more by adding one simple (and very affordable) thing to your direct mail campaigns.

34 MinsJul 22, 2021

Do you want to get your business to the point where you can simply leave for several months without worrying about things continuing to operate and grow? Do you want to get there quickly and with little risk?

If so, today’s episode is for you!

Justin Silverio – real estate investor and founder/owner of the real estate marketing company, Open Letter Marketing — is here to tell us how he he was able to position his company to run on its own in just a couple years. Justin talks to us about key hiring, setting up processes and organizing operations in a way that will allow you, the CEO, to put your team in charge and free you up to focus on other pursuits.

In this episode, we talk about pricing strategy (and mistakes), how to massively reduce your expenses, and how to hire the perfect employees who you can trust to manage and run your business.

And, for you real estate investors, Justin provides his expertise on how to best handle acquisition marketing for your deals in today’s crazy real estate world!

Make sure you listen for Justin’s tip on how to ensure you hire the right person THE FIRST TIME, and don’t end up making a bad hire because you didn’t have all the information you needed about the candidate. This may be one of the best hiring tips we’ve ever heard!

58 MinsNov 17, 2020

In this episode, you will learn …

An overview of his background, and what his business looks like on direct marketing and real estate?
How to market better and smarter?
How does building rapport and trust with your prospects get you to close deals?
What strategy can be applied in an open letter marketing and how can it help to be effective in your business?
How to use cutting edge data and systems to get better leads?

38 MinsAug 30, 2020

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Justin Silverio on his journey from finding his fit in flipping to running a highly efficient real estate and construction business. Justin is a flipper, wholesaler, and builder in Boston. In this episode, we dive into topics like working with contractors, knowing when to leave your W-2, jumping into direct to seller, and more!

53 MinsAug 27, 2020

455 Creative Condo Conversions

Creative Real Estate Podcast

Justin was a full time an accountant and first started out in real estate through his father whom was in construction. When Justin got into real estate, he knew he didn’t want to be the one doing all the labor work on each property. His focus now is converting condos in boston! This is one creative strategy!

31 MinsJul 16, 2020

Real Dealz 329: How To Build Your Marketing Machine w/ Justin Silverio

The Real Dealz Podcast - Hosted By Elliot Smith & Tucker Merrihew

In Episode 329, Tucker shares a recent DFA Webinar he recorded with Justin Silverio to discuss building out your REI Marketing Machine. They both discuss a variety of strategies, marketing tactics and farm lists that can increase your lead flow. They then touch on the REI Deal Generator Mastery Program and how enrollment will be opening up to start the next round of the program in August.

74 MinsJul 10, 2020

Heading into 2020, the most effective marketing strategy to source off-market deals remains to be direct mail, according to Justin Silverio. He founded Open Letter Marketing in 2016 to help investors with better direct mail marketing solutions.

An investor himself, he’s tried various strategies with direct mail for real estate to develop a system that delivers results. In this episode, we speak about the secrets to a successful direct mail campaign, pulling strong mailing lists, and tips for going direct to the seller.

35 MinsDec 20, 2019

Justin Silverio of Open Letter Marketing - Ep. 91

The Nuts & Bolts of Real Estate Investing

Justin Silverio is a real estate investor who specializes in real estate marketing. In fact, Justin has become so good that he started the company, Open Letter Marketing to help people like us that just want to flip and list properties.

77 MinsNov 29, 2019

In this episode, we speak with Justin Silverio, owner of JS2 Homes and Open Letter Marketing. Justin shares how his interest in real estate grew at a young age through his father’s career as a general contractor. As Justin advanced his career in accounting, he realized how he could leverage his father’s expertise and his knowledge of numbers to invest in real estate.

35 MinsNov 21, 2019

Real Dealz 286: Rock Stars Of Real Estate - Frank McGovern, Crystal Denmon & Justin Silverio!

The Real Dealz Podcast - Hosted By Elliot Smith & Tucker Merrihew

In Episode 286, Tucker continues his series of Rock Stars Of Real Estate where he’ll be highlighting three real estate investors each week. This weeks theme is Direct to Seller Marketing! Tune in to hear from Frank McGovern, Crystal Denmon and Justin Silverio!

54 MinsOct 10, 2019

Justin is the founder of open letter marketing, a direct mail company that helps investors with their marketing campaigns. Justin will tell us how to send out direct mail and why first-class stamps are important. This episode is great if you’re just starting out and aren’t sure how to effectively send direct mail pieces.

38 MinsSep 1, 2019

Welcome back to Pave The Way. Today I have Justin Silverio from Boston on the show. Justin is an impressive investor who has a lot of knowledge in many aspects of investing that include condo conversions and direct to seller marketing.

41 MinsJul 5, 2019

Local investor and longtime friend, Justin Silverio shares with us his conservative approach which empowered him to work his way up to luxury markets.

As a former accountant, Justin brings an analytical approach to his investment firm, JS2 Homes to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunistic deals.

You’ll learn how he created a cash flow engine that gave him the consistency he needed to take control of his business, his biggest challenges when transitioning to high-end flips and what to focus on in luxury markets.

Justin is also the founder of Open Letter Marketing, a direct mail provider that helps investors set themselves apart from the competition. Learn more at

33 MinsJun 17, 2019

Justin Silverio, founder of Open Letter Marketing LLC joins REA to discus how he’s developed an expertise in direct to seller marketing to find his most profitable deals and help others do the same. Justin explains how he’s tested and proven his strategies over the years and offers his secrets on which approaches work best. We drill down into the details like how long does it take to see results? How much does a marketing campaign typically cost? What is the response rate and conversion rate for direct marketing? What is ringless voicemail & are there any other innovative approaches buyers can employ to reach sellers directly? Finally, Justin indulges the hosts with some “role-play” on what a typical first call with a potential seller might sound like and the most important parts of the script to keep nearby.

49 MinsApril 9, 2019

674 » Direct Mail That Works » Justin Silverio

Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Our guest is Justin Silverio of Open Letter Marketing. He will be talking about direct mail that works. Justin’s been investing in real estate for 8 years and owns Open Letter Marketing, which caters to real estate investors.

You’ve heard me talking about my investment efforts in Mississippi and Alabama. We used Open Letter Marketing for a mailing in those markets; the mailing got a response rate of 1.5 to 2%, the standard for direct mail.

Justin makes sure his direct mail stands out. So many investors use direct mail—yours won’t get opened if it looks like everyone else’s. Go to the website to see the creative approaches that Open Letter Marketing offers.

Underdeveloped properties are those zoned for multiple housing units that currently have only one unit. Justin has had good results mailing to those owners. He also uses lists of owners of properties that have liens.

Remember that direct mail is a long-term approach. You cannot expect success from sending one or two letters to an individual. You have to build momentum and name recognition over time, and you absolutely must follow up numerous times with the names on your mailing list.

38 MinsOct 3, 2018

Real Dealz 197: How To Effectively Use Direct Mail In Today's Market w/ Justin Silverio

The Real Dealz Podcast - Hosted By Elliot Smith & Tucker Merrihew

In Episode 197, Tucker welcomes Justin Silverio from Open Letter Marketing to discuss Direct Mail Marketing in today’s real estate market. Justin is in the trenches everyday with Open Letter Marketing and his own investing business and is the ultimate source of what and what not to do when it comes to marketing directly to homeowners for the very best real estate deals. He discusses all the things he’s currently seeing regarding marketing to today’s homeowner as well as some great services he offers to investors that are looking to outsource their marketing.

46 MinsDec 28, 2017

Is your ultimate goal to increase the spreads of your investments to the point where you can comfortably quit your job? Tune in for a conversation with Justin Silverio, an investor who successfully made the switch to full-time real estate entrepreneur and who is now focusing on the niche of higher-end rehabs. For tips on deal evaluation, how to find contractors for your particular project, and direct mail strategies, don’t miss this inspiring episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast!

51 MinsSept 29, 2016

In Episode 106, Tucker covers the latest news in his business, makes a couple of announcements and talks about the interview for this weeks episode. He then makes a quick mention about our podcast sponsor, Iron Bridge Lending, who’s the best hard money lender in the country. Tucker then goes into the main topic where he interviews Justin Silverio from Boston MA. Justin talks about going full time in his REI business as well as his new company, Open Letter Marketing. They then go into a lot of great advice regarding direct mail, that all investors need to consider and think about when they’re marketing to sellers. Additionally, if you are looking for help with your direct marketing and want to be unique, we highly recommend Open Letter Marketing. Tucker then goes on to close out the episode with a great success quote and some final thoughts and updates.

50 MinsMar 12, 2016

For anyone who’s flipped a house before, you understand how much work it can take. However, today’s guest is not only flipping one house – but three all at the same time while still working a full time day job. Today Justin Silverio, an investor out of the Boston Massachusetts area, shares with us a ton of tips about getting started, building systems to manage your business, working with partners, wholesaling, and a whole lot more.

66 MinsFeb 20, 2014