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Welcome to Your Direct Mail Journey

Starting out with direct mail? You're in the right place. We're all about making it easy and effective for you to reach your audience through physical mail. No fluff, just the essentials to get you going.

Why Direct Mail?

Reliable Results

Reliable Results

Many of our users see strong returns and continue to invest more each year.

High Engagement

High Engagement

Expect better response rates compared to many digital methods.

Growing Popularity

Growing Popularity

More marketers are turning to direct mail to complement their strategies.

Your Direct Mail Roadmap

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Select Your Area

  • Choose a geographic area with properties you are interested in.
  • Ensure the area has a total population of 125,000-200,000 to have enough potential contacts.
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Meet Your Coaches

Jake Soper

Jake Soper

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Jenn Brown



Free Resources to Kickstart or Boost Your REI Business

Fill out the form to gain free access to our essential real estate investor resources.

Here's what you'll get for free:

Business Setup Checklist

Step-by-step guide to setting up your real estate business.

Purchase Contract

A template for purchasing and selling real estate.

Recommended Prospect Lists

Our recommended lists to target the best potential contacts.

Assignment Contract

A template for assigning your real estate contract to another buyer.

General List Criteria

To help you identify and compile your list of potential contacts.

Agreement to Extend Closing Date

A template to extend the closing date of a purchase or sale.

FOIA Request Template

To request tax liens and other public records using the Freedom of Information Act.

Deal Analysis Tool

To help you evaluate the profitability of potential deals.

Phone Scripts

To guide your conversations with prospects and leads.


Success Story

Justin Silverio's Journey

Justin turned his passion for real estate into profit with direct mail. From rehabbing houses to landing deals on fire-damaged properties, he proves its game-changing power.