About this Product

Our ‘Create Your Own Campaign’ product is a unique offering in the direct mail industry. Unlike other companies that require you to place separate orders for each touch point in your campaign, we provide a simple and convenient solution that allows you to create a 3-6 touch direct mail campaign all at once. This saves you time and money. With our user-friendly interface and quick turnaround times, you can create a custom campaign tailored to your needs in no time.

Product Specifications

  • bullet iconOption to choose 3-6 mail pieces
  • bullet iconFully customizable messages!
  • bullet iconShared Google Sheet to make real-time edits to mailing list


Tom Cafarella

“I am an active investor that flips over 100 homes a year in Boston and I couldn’t do it without Open Letter Marketing. I actually had my own mail house internally and Justin and his team did it better than me – so I gave it up. OLM isn’t just about sending letters but more importantly, the strategy(who to mail, when to mail, what to mail) – which is where the real value is. The owner of OLM was an investor himself and gets what we do – most full service mail processors cannot actually do more than just sending a letter in the mail.”


Steven Rubino

“This was my first direct mail campaign, and I was very happy with how the website and staff made it really easy. The site is clear & straightforward, and I was nicely surprised when I called the help number and heard a real person on the other end – they were incredibly helpful. So far I’ve received 13 calls (from a list of 1,150) and 3 of them flat out admitted they called because of the unique design and clear message. “I get letters all the time but none like this!” Highly recommend.”