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I am an active investor that flips over 100 homes a year in Boston and I couldn’t do it without Open Letter Marketing. I actually had my own mail house internally and Justin and his team did it better than me - so I gave it up. OLM isn’t just about sending letters but more importantly the strategy(who to mail, when to mail, what to mail) - which is where the real value is. The owner of OLM was an investor himself and gets what we do - most full service mail processors cannot actually do more than just sending a letter in the mail.

Tom Cafarella

This was my first direct mail campaign, and I was very happy with how the website and staff made it really easy. The site is clear & straightforward, and I was nicely surprised when I called the help number and heard a real person on the other end - they were incredibly helpful. So far I've received 13 calls (from a list of 1,150) and 3 of them flat out admitted they called because of the unique design and clear message. "I get letters all the time but none like this!" Highly recommend.

Steven Rubino

1500 Real Penned Personal Letters: Response rate for 1st week was awesome prob 8-10%

Elliot Smith

Very great company! I did their minimum campaign of 500 ROS leads to see how the results would be. I made $5500 off of my first campaign with them. Now i plan to ramp up the leads to see what happens. I would highly recommend them!

Emmanuel Carter

Direct mail STILL WORKS if you use Open Letter Marketing. My favorite are ROS letters and postcards for generating wholesale leads. To date, I have spent just $1,250 in marketing through this company, and I closed 2 deals, earning $24,000 in assignment fees. And I'm still getting hot leads! The best part about the ROS letters/postcards is the sellers are HIGHLY motivated and prepared for an offer in my ballpark... and they call me! I'm preparing another order and I'm confident I'll get more deals out of it. I hope Open Letter Marketing never discontinues their ROS letters/postcards because they are absolute fire!

Tracy Ritchey

Open Letter Marketing is absolutely the best direct mail marketing company out there. Not satisfied to keep doing the same old thing, Justin and his team are pushing the envelope on keeping in front of what is working in direct response marketing. Justin is a successful real estate investor in his own right, so you know his services work if he is using them himself! Great communication, quick delivery and awesome systems to keep track of your orders. 12/10, am a customer for life!

Anson Young

Open Letter Marketing has been a crucial part of our company's marketing efforts. Kayla, Jake and Justin are very professional and always reply in a timely manner. They are great to work with and always accommodate to our company's needs. I recommend Open Letter Marketing for all your direct mail needs.

Katie Ralys

I've had the pleasure of working with Open Letter Marketing for multiple orders ranging from single orders to multi-touch campaigns. Every team member we have dealt with at OLM has gone above and beyond our expectations on all requests. Jake Soper has been especially accommodating when we have been in a time crunch. Our business would not be what it is without Open Letter Marketing and their attention to our details.

J.R. Crowell