5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Mailers Aren’t Gaining Traction

4/5/2023 by Justin

5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Mailers Aren’t Gaining Traction

Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways real estate investors turn prospects into leads – but that doesn’t mean every campaign is a winner. If your campaigns are falling flat, there is a reason.

A real estate investor sends thousands of postcards and real estate letters every year. These real estate mailers are part of an organized campaign to turn prospects into leads and move them onward to deals. But just sending out loads of postcards and letters doesn’t mean you will be successful. It takes thought and strategy to craft an effective marketing campaign.

If your direct mail marketing campaign isn’t giving you the expected results, it is probably because of one of the five reasons below…

Not Personal Enough

You can send out dozens of real estate mailers to each prospect, but if your message isn’t tailored to them, you will not see the kind of returns you are expecting.

Personalization is an essential part of any kind of marketing campaign. Blasting out one generic message to all your prospects will not give you the conversion you need because you aren’t showing the homeowners that you can solve their problems. Of course, you don’t need to write different copy for each prospect, but the more you can personalize your messaging, the better the campaign will perform.

You can see personalization in every kind of marketing! Each ad you see or email you receive is segmented in some way to appeal directly to you and those like you. If you can speak to someone’s interests or circumstances, you have a better chance of standing out and making a meaningful connection.

Not Using Other Marketing Tactics

You always want to supplement your real estate mailers with other forms of marketing to help educate and convert your prospects. For example, if you send out a branded mailer, do you have a website or some kind of web presence where people can learn more? 

Before anyone picks up the phone, they will likely Google your business. Does your business have an informative and professional-looking website? How about a social media presence? If not, you should create these things to empower prospects to learn more about you before you get them on the phone.

Additionally, you want to combine direct mail marketing with another kind of marketing to engage your prospects. For example, many investors utilize cold calling with direct mail campaigns to help motivate prospects that may be interested but haven’t yet reached out.

No Call To Action

If someone receives your real estate mailers, do they know what you want them to do? If you want someone to take a specific action, tell them! This can be anything from visiting a website to subscribing to a newsletter or calling you.

Make sure that you have a call to action for every one of your real estate postcards or letters. Make it easy for your prospects! Also, be sure to supply all the contact information they need – they may Google you, but it shouldn’t be required to contact you.

Not Providing Value

How can your business provide value to your prospects? In your messaging, you must focus on what you can do for your prospects rather than what they can do for you. 

Consider what they need to hear to be interested in selling you their home. How can you solve a problem for them? For example, if you are targeting vacant properties, you want to point out how the property owner is losing money to taxes and mortgage payments and receiving nothing in return. You want them to know that selling to you is in their best interest. You are taking away the burden of owning a property that isn’t getting any use or generating any revenue.

Send Lists Aren’t Specific Enough

As part of personalization, you want to ensure that your send lists aren’t too big and broad. To maximize the effectiveness of your mailers, you need to segment your prospects to find ones that are both high-quality and share some characteristics. 

By segmenting your prospects, you can send personalized messages that speak directly to these common characteristics. Also, by segmenting your records, you can send to your prospects with the most significant potential to convert.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to invest in marketing campaigns, you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to make sure they convert! These five mistakes are the most common culprits behind low engagement. So, before you send your next direct mail campaign, ensure each message is personalized, supplemented, provides a clear call to action, and provides value.

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