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Real Estate Investor

Specifically created mailers for fully-customized presentations

Careful consideration has gone into the development of every detail of our products. For example, the colors of our envelopes were specifically chosen because each one evokes a specific emotion (trust, optimism, etc.). Our mailers have been created to allow you to customize the look of your presentation. From the custom designed envelopes and live, specialty stamps to the letterhead and font options, and the ability to include your own logo. These details will ensure you stand out from the rest of the mail, and from your competitors. It is important that your target gets a proper first impression of your business, and our products will do exactly that.

Take Advantage of Customized Mailers

Create Unique First Impressions

Stand Out from Your Competitors

All of our materials consist of high quality and thicker stock to provide a more professional feel.

We currently offer two types of products – handwritten style letters and professional letters. Each type of letter is extremely effective but they work best when combined together into a full campaign. For your convenience, we also offer fully designed campaigns to put your marketing on autopilot.

Gain exclusivity in your market

Another aspect of OLM that sets us apart from our competitors is our exclusivity option.

We understand that if there are too many people using the same marketing materials in one specific area, the uniqueness of the product is lost.

Because we are more concerned with the results our clients receive, rather than selling to as many clients as possible, we are offering you the option to “Own A Territory”. This option will restrict your competitors from using our marketing in your territory.