About this Product

This is Open Letter Marketing’s Flagship product! Before OLM was founded, Justin and his wife would sit down and handwrite letters to grab off-market properties. This was such an effective form of marketing in his business that he ultimately hired someone to handwrite the letters for him full-time and eventually, purchased robots to scale the operation!

Product Specifications

  • bullet icon#10 Premium Envelope with Forever Stamp
  • bullet icon 8.5″ x 11″ Trifold Statement Paper
  • bullet iconReal Blue Bic Pen Handwriting
  • bullet iconFully customizable message!
  • bullet iconHandwritten Mailing Address and Return Address


Tom Cafarella

“I am an active investor that flips over 100 homes a year in Boston and I couldn’t do it without Open Letter Marketing. I actually had my own mail house internally and Justin and his team did it better than me – so I gave it up. OLM isn’t just about sending letters but more importantly, the strategy(who to mail, when to mail, what to mail) – which is where the real value is. The owner of OLM was an investor himself and gets what we do – most full service mail processors cannot actually do more than just sending a letter in the mail.”

QUANTITY100 – 499500 – 9991000 +
Cursive writing – price per mailer$1.51$1.41$1.34
* +$0.05 for print