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Direct Mail is a proven method of gaining access to untapped prospects that generates exceptional returns.

Every successful direct mail campaign consists of four fundamental aspects:

  1. Create a quality lead list
  2. Command the attention of your prospects
  3. Entice your prospects to take action
  4. Consistently mail your prospects

While these fundamentals are easy to understand, they are not always easy to execute. Here at OLM, we focus on all of these aspects for you. We pull our lists using specific methods and criteria, which result in high quality, unique leads that have less competition. Next, we have specifically created each mailer to stand out from your competition. There is no other company that provides such creative and eye catching envelopes as ours. Your prospects will be engaged and want to open your mailers. Also, each of our messages is written in a way that will convey your objectives in a professional, yet personal manner.  We want your prospects to feel a sense of professionalism, yet understand that you are personally engaging them.  Finally, we offer mailing campaigns so you can set your marketing on auto-pilot.

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Marketing campaigns are the most effective way to leverage our services and increase your deal rate!

It is important to understand that direct mail is all about consistency. The timing of your mailers will not always align with your prospects' timing to sell. Therefore, you should continuously mail your leads to ensure your name is at the top of their mind when they decide it is time to sell. Understanding and executing this will take your deal flow to the next level! The more you mail, the higher your response rate and, in turn, your deal rate will be. For this reason, we have fully designed marketing campaigns that put your mailings on autopilot. Just select how many rounds you want to go out and we will take it from there.

Take Advantage of Customized Mailers

Create Unique First Impressions

Stand Out from Your Competitors

Gain exclusivity in your market

Another aspect of OLM that sets us apart from our competitors is our exclusivity option.

We understand that if there are too many people using the same marketing materials in one specific area, the uniqueness of the product is lost.

Because we are more concerned with the results our clients receive, rather than selling to as many clients as possible, we are offering you the option to “Own A Territory”. This option will restrict your competitors from using our marketing in your territory.