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High Quality Lead Lists

Creating a lead list is one of the most important aspects of building a quality mailing campaign.  You want to ensure that you are including only the properties that meet your specific criteria, while developing a unique list that will have low competition.  OLM aims to provide such lists for our clients to optimize their results.  Leads are pulled from the most reliable data sources to ensure accurate and up to date information.  Whether you have pulled a list before or not, OLM can offer leads at a LOWER price than most people have access to.

SUPER Lead List Generator

Capitalize on the strongest leads in your mailing list! OLM has developed a lead list generator that has the capability to identify your highest quality leads so you can focus more of your resources on this group.  This one-of-a-kind program  filters through your lists and generates a comprehensive report that ranks unique property addresses along with all their associated lead types to easily identify which are your strongest leads. The goal of this program is to optimize your success rate by identifying your best leads.  

Read what other real estate investors are saying about the SUPER Lead List Generator below.
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"The SUPER Lead List Generator is AWESOME! This program clearly showed me that I had leads that met the criteria for multiple lists. These aren't duplicates, but rather are the absolute best leads that should be my priority. I was missing out on the best leads that my lists had to offer before the SUPER Lead List Generator showed me the way."

- Bob Couture, Springfield, MA

"The SUPER Lead List Generator was very quick and helpful for analyzing our lead list and populating an easy to read sheet which showed us which leads are duplicates from different lead sources and which leads we should be targeting at a higher level. This saved time and organized our marketing strategy."

- Chrissy Smith, Vancouver, WA