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The most effective direct mail marketing for real estate investors on the market.

A message from the founder

Hello! My name is Justin Silverio, founder of Open Letter Marketing. 

I am a seasoned and successful real estate investor – and I’ve always used direct mail marketing campaigns to find my most profitable deals.

Direct mail has been a part of my real estate investing marketing strategy since the very beginning.  It was the only way I could consistently find real estate deals even when my competition was struggling to find them.  Over the years, I’ve refined my direct mail marketing strategy so I could obtain the highest possible conversion rates.  Like you, I don’t want to waste money on lower performing products.  I want the best!

This is what I’m offering through Open Letter Marketing – the direct mail products and services that I’ve used to create my marketing machine.  I have tested and proven that my strategies are more effective than other options on the market.  I welcome you to use the products that continue to provide my real estate investment company with consistent deals.


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