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There is no other real estate marketing company offering the same types of unique, creative marketing pieces that we do!


Unique mailers that stand out


Custom, fully designed envelopes


Live, specialty stamps


Heavier stock materials


Authentic-looking handwriting


Custom color options available


Effective fonts for marketing


Ability to own a territory

"Man, I guess those letters hit this weekend! My phone is getting blown up today and I already locked up one deal and have a potential 1 or 2 more. Not bad for under 500 letters! My intention was for this to be a trial for your letters, I guess they have proved themselves! :)"

- Chris Williams, Fresno, CA

"I just started building out my lead funnel to be consistent and automated and regularly use OLM mailers. Within my first two months of mailing, I spent $2,881.72 with a deal purchased and another under contract. First deal is expected to net our company approximately $90,000 while the other is projected to be approximately $70,000. Today, you need to be unique and you need to stand out and that's why I'm happy to work with OLM as part of my marketing strategy."

- Kyle Cabral, North Dartmouth, MA

"Open Letter Marketing is Awesome!!!! I have tried multiple direct mail vendors where the customer service was poor, the website confusing and ordering cumbersome. Justin listened to my needs and devised a program to match. The website is clean, fast and user friendly. The ordering process was super easy. And the best part is that my phone was ringing in a matter of days!!!"

- Bob Couture, Springfield, MA

"The service [SUPER Lead List Generator] was fast and I was pretty excited when I saw the amount of properties that were on multiple lists such as driving for dollars, tax default, and eviction. That type of information is gold when your looking for motivated sellers"

- Danny O'Bannon, Spokane, WA

"Highly recommend. Differentiation is a large part of getting someone to read and understand your offer and Justin provides just that. It's almost impossible not to notice his mail. Very personalized feel, with a different touch that you can't get anywhere else."

- Josh Justiniano, Thousand Oaks, CA

"The SUPER Lead List Generator was very quick and helpful for analyzing our lead list and populating an easy to read sheet which showed us which leads are duplicates from different lead sources and which leads we should be targeting at a higher level. This saved time and organized our marketing strategy."

- Chrissy Smith, Vancouver, WA

"I highly recommend Open Letter Marketing. I've spent thousands on direct mail with no results. I then came to Justin to send out a highly targeted but small direct mail campaign and walked away with my first wholesale deal...a nice $12,600 profit!"

- Derrick Rosenbarger, Albuquerque, NM