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5 Key Factors for Direct Mail Success

September 28, 2018

Are you taking steps to make your direct mail campaign a success? Open Letter Marketing has been in the game for awhile now and we’ve found out what it takes to level up. Several factors are listed below that contribute to campaign success. Interested? Check out the 5 key factors for direct mail success below. List Your lead list is the foundation of your direct mail campaign. You need a quality, niche list to set yourself up for success when it comes to direct mail. To make sure you are finding the most motivated sellers you need to maintain, scrub, and continue to build your list so that you are always keeping your list up to date and tidy. A good tip to keep your list looking good is to send your first mailer via first class so that you get your returned mailers back and you can remove vacant...

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Real Dealz 197 Transcript: How To Effectively Use Direct Mail In Today’s Market w/ Justin Silverio

September 27, 2018

Announcer:        Welcome to the Real Dealz Podcast! The consistently #1 real estate investing podcast on iTunes. This is the place to be in order to transform yourself from a hopeful investor to a highly skilled deal finder. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the show. [singing 00:00:20] Tucker:                 What is up everybody out there in listener land? This is episode 197, the Real Dealz Podcast. Hey, I’m back as always and I am your host Tucker Merrihew. I want to thank you guys for joining me for another episode. It’s past Christmas. We made it folks. We made it past the holidays. We’re not quite past New Years yet but we made it past the holiday. At least the first holiday, Christmas. Hopefully all you guys had a great time with your families and doing the Christmas thing. You know, we’ve got two little kiddos and we did the...

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Postcards or Letters: Which Mailer is better for you?

September 21, 2018

What should I send out to potential sellers, postcards or letters? If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone. It’s one we get all the time and we’re ready to give you a thorough answer. Read on below for our take on what kind of response you’ll get with each type of mailer and which would be the best fit for you and your business. Let’s get started! Handwritten Letters Without a doubt, this type of mailer will get a better response rate. Likely due to their handwritten style, they give an air of personalization more than the average mailer. You’ll find with our mailers especially that our font choice and packaging elicit a friendly response. If you have already built a solid list of leads and are planning on mailing multiple times, this is a great choice. The one reason that some tend to hold off is because they...

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Which Postage Should I Use for My Real Estate Mailers?

August 13, 2018

In a world of stiff real estate competition, direct mail is still one of the very best ways to stand out and reach your potential sellers. When sending out a direct mail marketing campaign you want to make sure you’re doing it in the most effective way that keeps you ahead. There are a lot of choices to make when sending out your mailers including what kind of postage to use. Below we’ll explain the two postage options, their differences, and a quick tip to get you more hot leads! First Class Mail Our first postage option is First Class Mail, which is the highest priority of the two options. Mail sent this way arrives within 4-6 business days. Clearly this is the speedy option, which of course has its advantages. First Class also ensures that a recipient gets their letter forwarded if they have moved. Not only that, but...

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Why your Yellow Letters are underperforming

February 9, 2018

If you have ever browsed the Open Letter Marketing website it wouldn’t take you long to figure out that we do not carry yellow letters. This is why: When yellow letters were first designed (over a decade ago) they were unique, and therefore, effective in getting your prospect’s attention. However, with the competition in today’s market and the overuse by investors, your prospect’s mailboxes are saturated with the same mail piece – a yellow letter. This is evident by personally speaking with hundreds of sellers a month and the constant conversations about yellow letters on BiggerPockets (do a search for yellow letters to see how many threads are discussing them). But if this is the case, why are so many investors still using the same old, outdated mass marketing mail piece? There are many reasons but I mostly attribute it to the following three: 1) Real Estate Investors are not...

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Feeling the Love for Direct Mail <3

February 2, 2018

  We Love our customers and Real Estate family: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we wanted to show some love to all of our customers and everyone involved in our direct mail and real estate family. We always appreciate our customers and love getting feedback, advice, and ideas from people who are using us for direct mail. If you have any thoughts or suggestions reach out and let us know! [email protected] Direct Mail Tip of the Month: What’s the difference between first class and standard mail you ask? First class mail takes 4-6 business days to hit standard mail takes 1-3 weeks. First class also ensures that you get returned mail as well, whereas standard you do not. Tip: If you are testing out a new lead list, use first class mail for your initial mailing and you will get returned mail to weed out the bad addresses. Then to stay under...

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New Year, New Direct Mail Products and Updates

January 3, 2018

Investor Spotlight, and Blog Update We are so stoked to share that we are starting a new blog segment for the New Year called: The Investor Spotlight. These articles will feature successful investors who have made deals using our direct mail products. These articles will include details on their deals like projected profit, important aspects of attaining a deal, mailer type, and other tips and advise. We hope these articles will provide more insider information on our services and how they benefit our investors! Keep an eye out for the first installment coming mid month. If you have made a deal using our direct mail and would like to be featured on our Investor Spotlight segment please reach out to me at [email protected] NEW Direct Mail Products! We wanted to provide our clients with awesome new direct mail options so we are expanding our product line. We have new color options for...

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Exciting News and Giveaway Information

December 1, 2017

Hi there, We wanted to create a platform to host industry related information as well as provide up to date changes and features that happen at Open Letter Marketing.  We are hoping that these news letters will provide useful information on Direct Mail, Open Letter Marketing, and Real Estate related topics! Now without further ado here are some awesome updates and giveaway information to look forward to! Open Letter Marketing/ Call Porter Giveaway! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity. Open Letter Marketing and Call Porter are joining forces to create an awesome Real Estate Investor Giveaway! -10,000 mailers from OLM – 4 months of call service from Call Porter – CRM created for you – Coaching by the owners of OLM & Call Porter : Seasoned REI’s, Justin Silverio and Ryan Dossey Keep an eye one our Facebook page for more information! Updates to come. @openlettermktg is on Instagram! We wanted a platform to show our customers...

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The Case Against Yellow Letters

September 28, 2016

Looking for Above Average Results? It’s Time For A Marketing Overhaul!! Fellow investors, we need to talk. I have no doubt that most, if not all of you have either used or considered using “Yellow Letters” in your business.  The name has been around for some time and through great advertising, has been used synonymously with direct mail marketing.  It’s not surprising that most investors rely on yellow letters as the go-to direct mail product, but I challenge you to consider the fact that just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that you should. In actuality, the fact that “everyone else is doing it” is one of the key reasons why you probably DON’T want to use it in your business. When the handwritten yellow letter was born, it was unique.  Although I was not an investor at the time, I don’t doubt that this product worked well. ...

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