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How to Use Ringless Voicemail to Elevate Your Direct Mail Campaign

May 10, 2019

When creating a direct mail campaign, you may focus on the mailer and the message you want to send. However, you shouldn’t forget about other marketing tools that help increase response rates for your direct mail. One of the most effective is ringless voicemail. Ringless voicemail or RVM works by sending a voice message to the recipient’s phone even though their phone doesn’t ring. Your company records a message which automatically is sent to the phone numbers on your lead list. You only need to record one message and it is sent to everyone on your list. However, you want to make it effective so follow these tips: Get Your Numbers If you haven’t done ringless voicemail or cold calling before you will need to get phone numbers for your prospects. Start by batch skip tracing your list for numbers and this will help you know how many potential RVM’s...

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4 Reasons to Personalize Your Mailers

May 3, 2019

One of the easiest ways to increase conversions for your direct mail campaigns is by personalization. When you personalize your mailers, it increases the likelihood that they will get opened and read. Here are a few reasons you might want to take the time for personalization with your next campaign. 1. Clients Feel Special When you personalize your mailers, it makes the recipient feel special. They know you sent the mail to them and not just random people. You may use their name in the opening of your mail or include their address, which shows you spent time to get this information. Saying Dear Sarah is a lot more meaningful than Dear Homeowner. Because you took the time to include that detail, they will feel a connection with you. 2. More Precise Messaging Another reason to get personal is because it allows you to be more targeted in your approach....

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How to Create a Call to Action That Converts in Your Direct Mail

April 26, 2019

When it comes to direct to seller marketing, you’ll discover several important components. The headline captures the attention of your audience, while the format keeps them from getting bored. Bullet lists hold their interest as they skim and stories involve their emotions. However, one of the most important parts of any marketing, including direct mail, is a call to action. The call to action directly relates to your goal of turning prospects into clients. So, how do you create a call to action that converts? Be Direct Have you ever read a captivating advertisement, email or letter that draws you in, only to end it by closing the email, letter or ad and forgetting about it? Maybe you even wondered what the purpose was for the message. If you want to convert your readers into people who take action, you must be direct in what you want them to do....

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The Benefits of Handwritten Letters

March 8, 2019

While we all know that direct mail is a great way to connect with a large number of potential prospects without breaking the bank, how do we decide the best way to relay your information?  From postcards and flyers to handwritten and professional letters, there are a variety of direct mail options to connect you with your ideal client. One of our favorite direct mail options is the handwritten letter. Handwritten letters are some of the most effective of the direct mail products. Can you think of the last time you got a handwritten letter in the mail? Handwritten letters not only stand out from the crowd, but they tend to feel more personal than typed letters. This gives you an edge on the competition, and a great opportunity to connect with your potential sellers on a more personal level. Not only are handwritten letters more likely to be opened...

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Direct Mail For The New Year

January 4, 2019

It’s no secret that direct mailing works, it’s a marketing and advertising method that has been used as long as we’ve had mail, and it continues to provide great returns for investors.  While it is a consistent way to get the attention of new and regular prospects, we are always looking for great ways to share our message. We’ve compiled some fun ways to combine new and fresh ideas with tried and true techniques for the new year. Fresh Lists – New to direct mail?  No problem! We offer premium lead list services.  Whether you’re new to your industry, or are just looking for some fresh contacts, our lead lists will introduce you to a whole new prospect base! Clean Up Those Lead Lists – Before you send anything out, you want to make sure you’re sending your mailers to viable leads.  Our list scrubbing service will not only correct...

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Direct Mail During the Holidays: Seven Tips For Success

January 2, 2019

We’ve made it our business at Open Letter to help you get the most out your direct mail throughout the year.  Things are a bit different during the holidays, so how should you change your strategies to ensure that you’re still getting maximum impact with your campaigns?  Take a look at the following seven steps and you’ll be mailing during the holidays like a pro in no time! For most people, the holidays are a time to relax with friends and family.  For business owners and marketers, it is time to get busy. While consumers are deleting mass emails in bulk, direct mail campaigns are getting their attention.  According to the United States Postal Service, on average, 3 out of 4 direct mail customers receive and open their mail the same day it’s delivered to their mailbox. Combined with the anticipation of holiday cards and gifts from loved ones, your...

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Avoid These Common Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes

December 14, 2018

There are many variables to making a great direct mail marketing campaign. When it comes to direct mail there a handful of things that can be overlooked or done incorrectly in a campaign rendering them less successful. Open Letter Marketing is here to help by showing you some of the top direct mail marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. Read on for these tips! Get a Solid Lead List One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is to ignore building a solid lead list. These lists are comprised of motivated prospects that could be your next deal. If you’re just starting out, send a mailer using first class postage and remove the addresses from your list once you receive returned mailers. A solid lead list of recipients will make your campaigns more effective. Another common mistake is to not scrub your list. List scrubbing will save you a...

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Direct Mail Marketing Glossary

December 7, 2018

With so many terms specific to direct mail, things can get a little complicated. Let us help you understand our language! Below we’ve made a little glossary of the most used direct mail terms. Hope this helps! #10 Envelope- a business sized envelope which measures 4 1/8 x 9 ½ inches (Used for a professional letter) A6 Envelope- an announcement envelope used for mailers with the dimensions of 4.75 x 6.5 inches (Used for a handwritten letter) **Also known as an invitation style envelope. Abandoned Call- when a caller hangs up the phone without having been answered or after been put on hold. Batches- a grouping of mailers sent out at one time. For example 1000 leads sent out in two batches of 500 mailers. CTA (Call to Action)- the part of the mailer that tells the recipient how and by what means to respond to you. Drop Ship- using...

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Climbing the Direct Mail Mountain – Open Letter Marketing

November 30, 2018

We’ve made it our business to equip you with the right tools to reach the summit of the Direct Mail Mountain like a pro. Keeping the following four steps in mind as you build your campaign will give you the understanding to level up on the competition. We even made a handy infographic to illustrate our tips, you’re welcome. Lead Lists Begin your ascent up the direct mail mountain by creating a solid lead base. An effective lead list is not a one and done project. Instead, it is a list that is cultivated and scrubbed to leave only the most eligible prospects. Recipients who have motivation to sell their home should be included on this list. For example absentee owners, people who are in pre foreclosure, people who have recently inherited a properly that they may not want/need, and so on. Any recipient whose mailer is returned should be...

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Why Consistency is Key for Real Estate Direct Mail Success

October 12, 2018

Direct mail is one of the most successful advertising there is, even more effective than social media marketing! But to make it work successfully for you, there is one factor you can’t ignore—consistency. Below we’ll outline the three ways consistency in your campaigns will be key in your direct mail success! Consistency in Mailing Consistency in sending out mailers is necessary in the same way seeing the same Wendy’s commercial over and over again makes you crave fries. Getting in front of your potential seller’s eyes is the most effective way to make them think about you and real estate investing as a pair. According to many studies, the more mailings you send (to the same recipient) the more likely you are to get a call. Many say that number is up to seven times. This is likely because other investors will drop off and the psychological impact is greater...

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