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Free Downloads

Answering Service Script

If you are using an answering service, use this script as your guide. This will ensure that your leads are asked the most important questions in order to obtain all of the necessary information in the shortest amount of time.

Seller Offer Comparison

Use this spreadsheet when presenting your offer to a seller.  It will clearly show a comparison of proceeds when selling directly to you verses listing with a real estate agent.

Seller Telephone Questionnaire

This form is used to log sellers' information and can also act as a conversation guide when speaking with sellers.


Lead Template

Use this template when placing an order for mailers so we have all of the necessary data. 

Logo Template

Use this as a template to ensure your Logo will fit properly on our letters.

SUPER Lead List Generator Template

Import all of your leads into this template to take advantage of our SUPER Lead List Generator.

Specialty Lead List Form

Use this template when placing an order for a lead list.  This will ensure we provide you with the most precise list that fits your investment criteria.