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Handwritten Style Letters

Personal messages, unique styling, and quality materials

Handwritten style letters are created for a more personal message to your target audience. These letters perform very well as a first touch and continue to perform throughout subsequent mailers in a campaign. The font is carefully selected to look so realistic that your target will think that you personally wrote them a letter.

Each message has been created and tested to ensure the best possible response rate. Messages are printed on high quality, notepad sized paper. You have the option of font color and font type to get the look that best suites your style. All of our font colors were created to mimic pen ink and we’ve only selected the most realistic font types. There are additional options to further enhance your message, which include selecting a header style and having the ability to compose your own message.

Each letter is folded into a high quality, invitation style envelope. These envelopes are thicker than stock envelopes to ensure that your target thinks that it is an actual invitation they have received. Additionally, you can select from our customized envelopes to make your mailer pop out and grab your target’s attention. Couple this with a handwritten style mailing address and your option of a unique live stamp, and your mailer will surely stand out.