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SUPER Lead List Generator


The SUPER Lead List Generator is a highly effective program that will identify your most valuable leads.  By consolidating all your leads, the program will search your database for similarities and replication.  Based on this information, it will produce an output with a ranking of your most valuable prospects.  You can then focus on your best leads by mailing to them more often, by sending them more specialized mail pieces, or by another form of marketing.

To take advantage of this service it's required that you have multiple lead types (i.e., absentee owners, driving for dollars, tax liens, etc.) and is recommended that you provide your list after you have scrubbed for your investment criteria (but do not delete duplicate leads).

Download THIS FILE and copy all of your leads into the spreadsheet.  Ensure all information has been copied in the appropriate columns before uploading.  If you have any questions with this template or your lead list, feel free to contact us at (978) 269-0245.

  • Accepted file types: csv, xls, xlsx.