Lead Lists

$0.10 cent per lead

Creating a lead list is one of the most important aspects of building a quality mailing campaign. You want to ensure that you are including only the properties that meet your specific criteria, while developing a unique list that will have low competition. OLM aims to provide such lists for our clients to optimize their results. Leads are pulled from the most reliable data sources to ensure accurate and up to date information. Whether you have pulled a list before or not, OLM can offer leads at a LOWER price than most people have access to.

Take advantage of one of the specialty lead lists below or work with us to help you pull a list more specific to your needs.  There are many ways to pull a lead list and our objective is to provide a highly targeted and unique list that produces quality results.  We do not want you spending money on less than premium leads so we focus on providing quality instead of quantity with our lead lists.  Here are some of the lists that we can pull:

  • Absentee Owners (homeowner who are not living at the property)
  • Cash Buyers (great way to build a buyers list)
  • Equity (owners having equity in their home)
  • Expansion (small houses with tear down/add-on potential)
  • Related Party Transactions (non arm’s-length transactions)
  • Transitional (seniors looking to downsize)
  • And more…

Creating lead lists is not a one list fits all so we recommend that you complete the information to the right as much as you can.

If you have any questions about our lists or want to discuss a specific list, please give us a call at (978) 269-0245.

  • provide zip codes, cities/states, and/or counties/state(s)
  • i.e., cape, colonial, ranch, split level, etc.
  • Please provide any additional information to better assist us in creating you with a quality list.


OLM will pull the amount of leads that you specify. If the lead count of your list is greater than the amount entered, OLM will only pull the amount that you specified.