IP Marketing

$26/1,000 impressions for OLM customers
$32/1,000 impressions for non-OLM customers

Support and improve your direct mail campaigns by adding IP targeting to your marketing efforts.  This unique geo-location technology produces a highly accurate customer profile which allows you to place ads directly on an individual’s computer by utilizing that individuals home/business address.

Launch Your Campaign in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Provide the requested information to the right and OLM will run your list through our IP mapping system and provide a match rate (typically around 60% list size).
  2. Our IP mapping system will locate each house’s IP address
  3. OLM will display banner ads online, directly to your prospects


  • 50-100x more targeted than television
  • 6-60x more effective than online ads
  • CTR is 3.2x the industry average

Check out this video for more useful IP Marketing information! 


Banner #1

Banner #2


Banner #3


You are only charged for a 60% match of your total leads. Once we have identified the actual match rate, we will invoice/reimburse you for the difference.