Skip Trace & Phone/Email Append

Starting at $0.19/Record

The Most Accurate and Cheapest batch skip tracing and phone/email append service on the market!


What data will I receive?– You will receive up to 3 addresses, 3 phone numbers and 3 email addresses. Click HERE to view a sample.

How accurate is your data?– Our Batch Skip Tracing and Phone/Email Append provides Credit Level Accuracy at the Lowest Prices, comprised of credit header, public records, and proprietary data.

How long will it take to get the results?– Results will be returned within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

How are you able to get your pricing so low for such high quality data?– Since we sell other products/services, we don’t need to charge as much as other companies who only offer this service.

Can you skip trace LLC’s & Corporations?– No, we are not able to skip trace companies or trusts. Your records should contain individual people.

  • Accepted file types: csv, csv.

    REQUIRED: Leads to be copied into our Data Append Template. Download a copy HERE. (csv format only)


You are charged per record submitted. Results will depend on the accuracy of your information.

Quantity 200-999 1000-24999 25000+
Price per search $0.34 $0.23 $0.18