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How it Works

Features that Help You Make More Money in Real Estate Investing

Full-Funnel Lead Management

Attract, nurture and engage seller leads, buyers, investors and professional contacts with ease and sophistication. Say goodbye to the drudgery of dealing with duplicate leads. Leverage a full suite of tools to manage and solidify your customer relationships from contact to closing. Easily assign leads to managers and get instant notifications in real-time so that you never lose a deal.

Inbound and Outbound Lead Capturing

Never let a promising lead slip through your fingers. All inbound and outbound calls, SMS messages, email messages and ringless voicemail communications are stored in your seller leads area.

Deal Management Made Easy

Deal information is stored separately from your leads, helping to free up your dashboard from needless clutter so you can concentrate on making money.

Follow-Up Automation

Make following up nearly effortless by automating communications to each lead. In one click, you can send out follow-up sequences that allow you to mix and match SMS, RVM, emails, and create reminder tasks all in one. The lead’s manager is notified as soon as a prospect takes action, while the lead is removed from the follow-up sequence so that they don’t continue to get messages.

Email Blasts

Send out wholesale deal email blasts to your buyers or a segment of your list with the push of a button. Built-in analytics make it easy for you to track responses and convert them to sales more efficiently.

Clear, Concise Deal Metrics

Get one-click access to the information you want, when and where you want it. See the metrics that matter including your team’s KPIs right from the dashboard. See which channels are performing and which could use some extra attention.

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OLM InvestorHub (coming soon)

Supercharge your CRM system by combining the power of OLM DealFlow with our revolutionary lead and marketing management system, Learn more about OLM InvestorHub.

We Play Well With Others

Voice, SMS and Text
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Did You Know…?

On average, 50% of the deals you close in a year can be tied to proper follow-up –
the right action, at the right time, to the right prospect.


Use 100% of the CRM, 100% of the Time, with 100% Confidence

OLM DealFlow is a system created by real estate investors, for real estate investors. That means it’s not unnecessarily cluttered with features you’ll never use, but it IS packed with the fast, time-saving, productivity-boosting features you need to become a customer relationship management powerhouse. 

Effortlessly track inbound and outbound communication. Execute follow-up sequences like a pro. Link each lead to a manager who will be responsible for it and receive all activities and notifications from that lead. Engage and collaborate with your team in a way that keeps everyone organized and up-to-date at all times. 

Connect OLM DealFlow to your website to seamlessly pull lead contact info from your site into your CRM.  We’ll include all the training and support you’ll need (and we’ve designed the system so that there’s very little learning curve). You’ll be up and running in days!

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Buy this system! It’s a No-Brainer.

This system allows us to focus on the leads that are more likely to close now and filter the others through the automated follow up sequences to flush out the others. This CRM is a no brainer for those that want to close more deals.”

Tucker Merrihew, TTM Development

High-end developer and host of The Real Dealz Podcast

Converting MORE deals with better follow-up

We were looking for a simple, off the shelf, CRM for our real estate wholesale and seller finance businesses that our team could use to easily stay on top of their leads and get more deals closed.  OLM DealFlow delivered!  The DealFlow team have been great to work with and I would highly recommend this CRM to anyone in our space.”

Jace Graham, Rising Phoenix Real Estate

Purchases 75+ properties a year

Simple and Easy to Use!

Since using the REI DealFlow CRM, we’ve seen a huge jump in our deal flow. This software is very simple and easy to use. It has made following up absolutely seamless.”

Ryan Pineda, Homerun Offer

Purchases 100+ properties a year

Helps us close MORE deals!

After testing other REI CRM’s and finding they were either too complicated or weren’t customizable enough, I tested the REI DealFlow CRM. Wow! This is super easy to use and works great for my company. We are staying on top of our leads much better and are closing more deals as a result. I highly recommend!!”

Elliot Smith, C&E Real Estate

Purchases 30+ properties a year

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase OLM DealFlow?

That’s easy! Just scroll to the pricing section and click the SIGN UP NOW button for the plan that you want. Follow the checkout prompts and you’re done.

How long will it take to get access to OLM DealFlow?

Full implementation will take 3-5 business days. After that, you’ll be off and closing deals.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Unfortunately, we don’t. However, we welcome you to watch the demo video above to see how much better life will be with OLM DealFlow.

Can I add more users to my plan?

Absolutely! You can add as many users as you would like. Each additional user is $24/month

Will I be notified when I receive a new lead or a response from an existing lead?

Absolutely! The lead manager will be notified of any new leads coming into the system whether that’s from your website, a phone call or from your answering service. Also, when an existing leads calls, texts or emails you back, your team member in charge of that lead will be notified. We really thought of everything so you are up to date at all times.

Can you help me migrate my data into OLM DealFlow?

We know you don’t want to deal with data migration. That’s why we’ll do it for you.

Which phone system will I need?

OLM DealFlow integrates into CallRail. We have found this phone system to be the most versatile and allows you to integrate as many phone numbers with our system as you’d like.

Can I integrate my website into OLM DealFlow?

Yes. Our system was designed to capture leads through most all sources and this includes your website. Integration will be an additional cost and can be done at any time.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Of course. We want to grow with your company so you can always upgrade your plan in the future.

Can I cancel my account? If so, what happens to my data?

You can cancel your account at any time. You will have access to your system and your data until the next billing cycle. You can export all of your data during this transition time.