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The Case Against Yellow Letters

Looking for Above Average Results? It’s Time For A Marketing Overhaul!!

Fellow investors, we need to talk. I have no doubt that most, if not all of you have either used or considered using “Yellow Letters” in your business.  The name has been around for some time and through great advertising, has been used synonymously with direct mail marketing.  It’s not surprising that most investors rely on yellow letters as the go-to direct mail product, but I challenge you to consider the fact that just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean that you should. In actuality, the fact that “everyone else is doing it” is one of the key reasons why you probably DON’T want to use it in your business.

When the handwritten yellow letter was born, it was unique.  Although I was not an investor at the time, I don’t doubt that this product worked well.  First off, there was low investor competition in the direct mail space and secondly, it stood out in the eyes of the recipient, which is what got the phones ringing.  Fast-forward to today and tens of thousands of investors are still using the same general mail piece but they are not nearly as effective as they once were.

In this article, I will share the insights that I’ve gained through mailing hundreds of thousands of mailers and what I’ve found that works the best and how I found a way to increase my response rate by 26.7% over my yellow letter/generic letter competitors. Read More