Getting Started With Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Pull Real Estate Lead Lists

Create your real estate investment direct mail lead list, focused around your target market and demographics. This is one of the most important aspects of building a high quality direct mail campaign that really works, and we offer the best tools to get you started.

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Refine Your Real Estate Lead Data

If your data is old, services like skip tracing and list scrubbing correct your data providing you with the most up to date information. Need phone numbers and emails? Skip tracing provides you with additional addresses, phone numbers and emails. Most of the time when a direct mailing is unsuccessful, it is due to the lead list being old, or inaccurate..

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Send Consistent Direct Mail to Potential Sellers

Like all great direct mail marketing, the key is staying consistent with your prospects and reaching out multiple times. First establishing awareness of your brand, then creating consideration for what you have to offer. Finally converting the customer into a deal. Get creative with the multitude of templates and mail types or use one of our tried and tested marketing campaigns.

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Follow Up With Home Sellers

Did you know that 75%+ of all deals are made through follow up marketing? This is why we recommend that you set yourself up for success and consistently market to homeowners for at least 4 rounds. Do you feel like your phone isn’t ringing? This may be a sign that you need to update your lead list. Either way, OLM has you covered.

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